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Guy Cranston

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About Guy Cranston

Being a member of a very diverse and creative family, Guy has been influenced by art and artisans all his life.

A background in painting and woodturning led Guy to experiment with wire and rolled steel as a medium for sculpting birds. Capturing their character, mannerisms and movements, each sculpture tells a story, marks a fleeting moment. With the right lighting, the nature of the medium casts dramatic shadows that resemble a loose and expressive sketch.

Guy develops his sculptures by building a three-dimensional form out of his two dimensional drawings. He begins each sculpture with a “skeleton structure” made from wrapped wire, or for larger and more complex pieces, by brazing torch and rolled steel. Each sculpture is carefully moulded by hand, wrapping wire, layer by layer until he is satisfied with the result.

Found objects such as antique irons, oil lanterns, rocks, and branches serve as one of a kind perches or bases for many of the sculptures.

Cranston Gallery

251 Lincoln Street, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0, Canada


No shows have been scheduled for 2019 at this time.