Guest Artists

Diane Black

In its essence, my work is about story telling; both those taken from my own experience and those that the viewer conjures in response to the work. Humour is often used to break down barriers, or as a portal through which I invite deeper meanings and connections to surface. Likewise, animals often appear in my sculptures to represent an aspect of humanity in a symbolic way.

My process of sculpting in clay is not carefully planned leaving me free to respond to whims or changes in direction that more authentically reflect the message I am trying to convey or the story I am telling. This spontaneous approach allows me to work quickly in the initial stages, giving the pieces a feeling of immediacy and intimacy. That being said, I can often spend a disproportionate amount of time working on an expression or subtle gesture. Being able to form a lump of clay into a figure which then conveys emotion is endlessly appealing to me. I believe it speaks to how much of our experience is shared and the power of non-verbal communication.

Maria Doering

I am a multidisciplinary fine artist and printmaker with an intense focus on the human body throughout my various bodies of work. I have struggled with allergies from a young age, and as a result I live with a heightened awareness of my body and its inner workings. This awareness has informed my artistic practice for many years.

Each of us forms one unified system: organs, thoughts, blood vessels, emotions, nerves and sensations. While language separates concepts of body and mind I know them to be one, and my work aims to break down the barriers between one and the other. Our bodies are each a totality, a mystery to ourselves that I try to discover, solve, resolve, dissolve. Trying to visualize what the inside feels and looks like congers for me hundreds of layers of patterns and textures that are intricate, complex, dense and beautiful. I call this pattern work “lacery,” and it is present in one form or another in nearly all of my current work.

Beach Bling

Nova Scotia Original
Handcrafted, one of a kind jewelry. Beach Bling incorporates found objects released from the depths of the sea. Glass, pottery and unusual stones are tumbled by the surf then washed up onto the beautiful Nova Scotia beaches. Hand collected objects and vintage beads are transformed into one of a kind jewelry. The found location for each element used in the making of the piece is known, the origins a mystery.

Jan Duffy

My jewelry reflects a willingness to take risks, a joyous approach to life and my non-conformist attitude. Color, texture, mixed media, and a variety of shapes combine to produce an eclectic collection of carefree pieces to wear anywhere and any time.

As a jewelry artist and writer, I share studio space in Salmon River, NS with my husband who is a potter and painter. Creating is a passion that demands attention every day. My inspiration comes from a desire to produce jewelry that is affordable and unique.

Life is far too short to wear department store jewelry. Subtle, but noticeable the jewelry pieces I design and produce reflect the style of the women who wear them. I love what I do; and I do what I love. I hope that this shows in my work.